Grow your podcasts with ease

Create, operate and grow your podcasts with Snapod

A better independent podcast hosting platform



播客创建 / Create Podcasts

Create your first podcast just in a few steps, then grow fast

播客管理 / Manage Podcasts

Comprehensive podcast settings (blocking status, updating status etc.)

RSS 地址 / Feed URL

Real-time RSS Feed generating and synchronizing

节目管理 / Manage Episodes

Supports both Serial/Episodic podcasts, MarkDown editor and more

音频储存 / Audio Files

No audio file upload limits, with support for both .mp3 and .m4a format

独立站点 / Snapod Sites

Snapod provides your podcast with a dedicated website

数据统计 / Snapod Analytics

Track and view your podcast statistics including plays, listener geolocation and listening platforms/devices

渠道发布 / Distributions

Snapod generates iTunes compatible RSS feeds, so that you can distribute your podcast on major platforms


Use Snapod on any device

Only macOS and Windows clients will be available for early access

Snapod for macOS

Current development focus

Snapod for Windows

Current development focus

Snapod for Web

Launches during public beta

Snapod for Android / IOS

ETA To be determined


Pay as your grow

Pricing has not been finalized yet

Private Beta

All features available



Custom domain, site themes not available



Custom domain, audio encoding and site themes are available